Monday, June 16, 2014

We're up all night for good fun...

...we're up all night to get lucky.

Can I just say: these two certainly did

But let's back up. The groom's a dear high school friend from many (many) years ago. And the motley crew that made its way from Chi, Michigan, and Memphis to wrap its collective arms around the bride and groom included our smart and elegant high school English teach/drama coach.
Both she and her husband provided some of the photos you'll see here, including these of the insane limo the groom sent to pick us up at our hotel and ferry us to the wedding site.

If you had any doubts, 
now you know you're in LA
 This thing was a safari wagon with an open-air rear end. Were we even cool enough to be riding inside?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Let's ask our favorite English teacher to start the wedding story...

The sun shone brightly, the air was perfect and the vivid purples, pinks of the flowers surrounding the pool (and floating on it) were backed up by the green hills just beyond. 

The bride and groom were radiant with joy and love. 

And as the dark descended, the moon rose over the hills.

Then the party lights lit up the trees and reflected in the pool as the music played and guests danced. It was magical.

It began elegantly with coffee, cocktails, and colorful cupcakes on the gussied-up porch of the bride and groom's home. Engaging guests chatted and sipped while the sequestered bride added her finishing touches.

Weddings seem to generate an optimism that lifts everyone higher. Smiles all around as the ceremony got underway.

The groom and his brother

Daughters: of the groom and the bride

Holding the snark for once in their lives,
 longtime friends stand for the bride

She's beyond radiant, walking down the aisle with her beloved mother

The ceremony was expressed in both English and German, owing to the bride's country of birth. Even the groom attempted to profess his love and commitment in German, which was funnier than you might imagine, since the German guests--and the bride's mother--interrupted periodically with (supportive) laughter.  A for effort for sure.

 After the ceremony, guests wandered...
 ...while the kitchen sizzled with activity.

Soon we'd know why: to start, seared ahi tuna on a bed of avocado, mango, et al.

Magnificent food accompanied by individualized note quotes from the bride and groom. 
(We loved ours.)

Did I tell about the food? Local, organic, masterful chef.

The groom and his daughter

The groom's band played, the bride's daughter sang, all was right with the world.

Ooo--a love song for the bride, as her mother and the groom's daughter share the moment.

Yes there was cake

 And dancing

And one handsome son of the groom

Blessings, J+J. Whatta party.


  1. I seem to remember it differently.
    Maybe it's the LSD talking...

  2. Wonderful blog, Heidi! Great job and great meeting you! Laurie

  3. This recounting is lovely and the setting divine. Heidi, you were made for limos! Phyllis