Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Welcome Sunny Day

Yesterday was a day for recovering from the uphill climb that went on forever. And it would have been the day to actually walk that glorious ridgeline, but we're not complaining. The sun streamed in and we sat for breakfast.

We did a little more sitting in that sun on the deck, some of us pretending to stretch while we played Scrabble with far-flung friends.

The boulder bank of Nelson
The Boulder Bank is built from rock that falls into the sea from cliffs along the coast a few kilometres to the north east. These rocks get rounded by rolling along the sea bed, pushed by current and wave action. As the current slows they get dropped in a row that stretches in a 13 kilometre long finger extending south from the cliffs, forming a geologically rare boulder bank. 

 (photo from the website)

Rocks are still slowly rolling south along the seabed at about 7.5 meters a year and over the past 6000 years enough rocks accumulated in an irregular row to form the Boulder Bank. Today this Boulder Bank shelters Port Nelson.  

Here's the boulder bank just down from our rental.

Even this small piece of it is vast.

This is not an easy beach to walk, but it's absorbing trying to navigate the great hunks of stone.

More produce please. I'm sorry I didn't leave this woman a note thanking her for her contribution to many good meals.

Apart from the inescapable online news, a happy sunny day

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