Monday, March 25, 2019


flotsam (flŏtˈsəm)

  • n.
    Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk.
  • n.
    Floating refuse or debris.
  • n.
    Discarded odds and ends.

A few snaps on a work day.

Looks like Tabasco, made in NZ

 Beautiful graphic on this coffee ("vibrant & invigorating"), roasted in Wellington, NZ.

Cabbage/onion/garlic/ginger stir fry with sour cream for breakfast.

We took a vibrant and invigorating walk through Muriwai Regional Park.

It's a piece of the Hillary Trail, a four-day (three night) 75 km trek across rugged country reaching from Titirangi to Muriwai. It is named after the famous kiwi conqueror of Mt Everest, Sir Edmund Hilllary, and was opened on the second anniversary of his death.

My favorite t-shirt to wear reads: NONE OF THIS IS OK. It offers the reader much room for projection/interpretation. When I wore it to the gannet colony yesterday, I could see kiwis reading it and nodding to themselves. Sadly, though it was created during the first year of the current administration, it can apply broadly.

Someone's letterbox with origami kiwi

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