Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid Cafe: Kia Kaha With Pie

In NZ they say Kia Kaha, a Maori phrase that means stay strong

Readers, we trust you know that the sight of dedicated US nurses wearing garbage bags as protective clothing (and dying because of it) is emblematic of our soul being ripped into tiny little shreds. It's nearly impossible for us NOT to write about the psychopath in charge, but I sense Covid Cafe needs to be an anxiety-free zone.

Pie is anxiety-free

Hoosier Jared Yates Sexton perhaps said it best:
Thousands upon thousands of people are going to die an agonizing death, alone, frightened, their loved ones kept at a distance, because the President of the United States is a broken person who hasn’t a shred of humanity.

If you in any way support the man in charge you may be excused. No pie for you.

Let's raise a flat white instead to good science and Anthony Fauci, MD.

Now let's pretend we're all sitting side-by-side at the counter of Covid Cafe, crowding in to watch brother Chris slice into his freshly made rhubarb pie. I'm pretty sure there's enough for everyone and we have whipped cream. Mmm. Just a sliv for me...

Chris used homegrown rhubarb frozen from last spring to make today's pie, but he sent us a picture of this spring's crop. The tender leaves are already pushing up through the ground clutter and can that please be a metaphor for something good?

Our friend Kara's back today with an inspirational six-part musical interpretation of Girl Like You.
(click here to view in browser)

@thelilasianthatcould I may or may not have messed up the with this audio as you will.
♬ original sound  - Kara

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