Saturday, January 7, 2012

From the Sublime...

Leaving Joshua Tree National Park and hurdling down the LA expressways toward Anaheim felt like a bad acid trip (not that I would know).

We're here at the Anaheim Resort RV Park, just a trolley ride away from Disneyland. But it has what we need--hot soapy water to wash the camper and ourselves, one last laundry fling, and location. Just a couple miles from the RV storage facility Art found where the camper and truck will enjoy some months of R+R in the moderate LA weather before we return to ride it hard again.

This is what we did today: unpacked and cleaned everything inside. Even a tiny camper needs tending.

We walked to a nearby burger place for lunch. Nice guys there.

Then another 10 concrete blocks for a pop into a Mexican grocery, where pastries to celebrate Three Kings Day were stacked large and high. Thanks, Caorlina, our dear friend in Mexico City, for reminding us about this holiday and helping us make sense of the baked goods.

And while the prosaic campground has everything we need to tidy up before storing the camper and heading for the Amtrak station tomorrow afternoon to board the Southwest Chief, once again the very best part of travel is the unexpected.

Meet Jared, who couldn't wait to show us his Darth Maul light saber once he saw Darth on the hood of our Ford (a Goodwill purchase Art made with sketchy knowledge of Darth's Star Wars evil). Jared was really happy to pose for a photo with his light saber. And we were really happy to comply.