Thursday, January 5, 2012

To Desert Hot Springs, But First: Mexican Brunch

Making tracks for the desert this first morning of 2012, I tell Art I would kill for some Mexican food with lotsa salsa. We actually smell it first, courtesy of these two guys grilling tri-tip, ribs, and chicken over an open barbecue in the parking lot. Que padre!

Offering brunch the first Sunday of each month is a tradition for the familia Diaz, whose family roots run deep in Ventura County.

Plus they once had that crazy take-a-photo-with-our-bumper sticker routine going and have a bunch of the pix on a big wall. I loved this one.
Celebrating their 75th anniversary and bumper sticker promotion long closed, they're posting some of the old photos with a free dinner offer if yours is tacked up there.

Can we get to the brunch, please? The aforementioned grilled meats plus homemade tortillas, frijoles, eggs, and many other delicacies, including the classic hangover fix menudo (not that Art required the cure, but naturally he had a bowl. Me, not so much with the tripe). All the people in this restuarant were extraordinarily friendly.

Plus, the highlight--a salsa bar.

Had we not had miles of superslab in front of us, the bar at Familia Diaz looked like a fine place to relax on a new year's day. Here's a big shout-out to my Booth 1 crew: this place would suit us just fine.


  1. Superslab. That's going to be my new arena rock band name.

  2. Que Padre!!! Did you grab a bumper sticker to take pictures with? Reading the desert posts also make me thirsty!

  3. They don't do the bumper sticker fun any more or I would have. That desert is desolate...I was constantly thirsty. See you soon Arroyo