Monday, April 13, 2015

Breaking The Fast in Auckland + The Eagle Has Landed

Breakfast Monday
Pastured eggs cooked the seven-minute way (how have I missed this perfect prep?). Plus bacon, organic blueberries, and crumpet. A work day for me, not a walk day.

Breakfast Tuesday
We returned to the large grocery Sunday for another piece of the on-sale organic beef.

And it was just as delectable the second time, with beets (hi Heather and Terry, beet-avoiding dear ones), broccoli, and onions. 

Went out for a Big Walk, went a dozen blocks, got buffeted by a rainstorm, returned for a jacket, and discovered the wire transfer on the car had been completed. Sha! A reason for everything...

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  1. Yum eggs!! We can add that to our never ending list of how to cook eggs.