Sunday, April 5, 2015

What We're Eating

The glories of Auckland are apparently not enough for some of you, who want to know what we're eating here in the kitchen-equipped apartment. We do eat the occasional meal out, but cooking in is more delicious and a sort of hedge against whatever other food's to come that day.

Before the big hike on Rangitoto I made chicken and five vegetables.

The grocery in the Auckland CBD is well stocked, but carries virtually no organic produce. I'm reluctant to research exactly what NZ sprays on its crops (ack, I just did and it's not good). As bad as the US? At least we're starting with a happy microbiome.

(This just in from the Guardian today: Common Pesticides Linked to Antibiotic Resistance.)

The shop does carry gorgeous pastured eggs, a mainstay meal any time. We got three different kinds of root veg for complex carbs to power us through long physical days: beets, sweet potato, white potato, and kumara (interesting history here), which apparently is a type of sweet potato. The one I picked out of the bin turned out to be white-fleshed inside and very sweet.

Some of you will recall my fondness for beets, and here they are diced and simmering, to be tossed in olive oil and added to a green salad.
The well-designed kitchen makes food storage and prep easy. We shop for fruit, veg, protein, butter, yogurt, citrus, and green olives. Just about anything works with those ingredients. 

This morning, chicken with lemon and olives, flavors reminiscent of my mother's veal scaloppini. Basically, sautee chicken thighs, toss in slivered onion, bell pepper, and sweet potato, and for the last five minutes spinach, lemon squeeze, and sliced olives.

When we checked in, we received key cards for a room that was occupied. The woman inside was lovely about it. Back to the lobby, where we were given fresh keys to...a two-bedroom. You have to love a random upgrade!

A beautiful rain this Easter morning. We walked to Victoria Park and then to Viaduct Harbor, a posh grouping of apartments and yachts. More on that soon.

Dinner tonight: Masu, at the foot of the skytower.

Impeccable sushi and interior...

Goodnight Skytower.
You can try, but you will never convince me 

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