Monday, August 14, 2017

Organics Day in Golden Bay

Though it's still early in the growing season--and it's clearly possible to grow year-round here--one of the joys of driving through Golden Bay is spotting signs for vegetable/fruit/egg stalls that dot the 25 km road to Takaka. "The Bay" community of about 4,000 year-rounders (swelling by a factor of six in summer) offers an abundance of organics and, as you probably know, nothing makes us happier.

It was another mostly rainy day, perfect for stocking the larder after my work was done. I just made this picture, which bodes well for a clear tomorrow.

First stop on the way to town is Puramahoi Fields, which not only offers the roadside stand and a CSA, but supplies Takaka's Wholemeal, Dangerous Kitchen, The Brigand, Ratanui, and Takaka Infusion restaurants with fresh, organically grown produce. 

It's a very organic kind of place, is Takaka (I'd bet even the weed is organic here).

Kale US $1.46 at today's exchange rate

I filled my bag and put $20 in the till.

We turned off the main road down this lane to another stall, which offered kiwifruit and passionfruit.

 Next stop: the community garden.

Here we picked up pastured eggs, onions, and some herbs.

In town, we hit the organic store and got nuts, chocolate, prunes, and a jar of this NZ-made live-culture kraut. (We make our own at home, but it's a challenge in a caravan.)

Then to the hardware store for glue and NZ plant seeds. I'm going to try and grow a few varieties at home. Finally, to a shop called Paper Plus, which stocks all kinds of cards, pens, and a small selection of books. It's also the post office.

Mr White!

At the register was this display. The flexibility of language never ceases to surprise me. Lollies presumably having started out meaning lollipops and now broadened to mean candy.

Time for a visit to The Brigand for a flat white. This place hosts live music on Thursdays and has a very good vibe.

Let the eating continue: Radish and carrots from the farm stall with cheesy eggs + beets with kraut. Crossing fingers tomorrow dawns clear for more walking.

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