Sunday, September 8, 2019

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

We've been on the move between raindrops for a couple days. Leaving Paparoa National Park on the drive north...

...heading for Gentle Annie campground on the northern West Coat.

Then today to Little Wanganui, where it's been a drippy day. We're camping outside the only business in this wee town, the hotel/pub/restaurant/campground, a something-for-everyone blend. Tonight they have 20+ people booked for the roast beef dinner. Here's our view.

This morning we waited out the rain with flat whites and a shared muffin before setting up camp. See the book on the table? Whitebaiters Never Lie: Exploring An Iconic Kiwi Culture. It's whitebait season in NZ, and more to come on that. For now we're warm and dry with solid wifi for work tomorrow...and a meal at the hotel on the agenda.

Here's the map (click here to view if reading in email). Next we're heading for Karamea and the DOC campground north of there, which starts/finishes the Heaphy Track Great Walk.

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