Friday, September 27, 2019

Why Does Everyone in NZ Ask If We're Canadians? (+ Wharariki Beach)

Because, they tell us, Canadians don't like to be asked if they're Americans. Ha. (Stands to reason.)

Me, this climate strike Friday on my favorite NZ beach

That's Wharariki Beach, and here's miniature Art on the outrageously good walk that gets you there. It's super windy today. Don't blow off the path!

Meanwhile, in Wellington 40,000 people surround Parliament on Climate Strike Friday (not my photo).

 And we're walking...

Also, meanwhile...

Overhead view of the gigantic Auckland . Reports that 170,000 are striking nationwide. That’s an entire 3.5% of New Zealand’s entire population!

Back to Wharariki, celebrating raw nature. The sand is damp in places and drying out in others, rendering a snow-like effect.

 It's spring here, lambkins

 The road home...

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