Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Boise, Fabulous Friends: Sept 22-24

Up and at 'em on Sept 22, heading for Camille's and Boise, Idaho. The pine forest beckons and the road is twisty, turny, and nothing but gorgeous.

We arrive at the nicest campsite evah--Camille's house--with perfect temps and a cool patio. It's time to throw down and enjoy the generous hospitality.

Plus, there are new dog friends here: this is Charles. His pal is Barkley.

Camille's sister Marta and her sons Forrest (left) and Jonathan make us feel right at home.

A toast to our host!

Soon the salmon is sizzling in the pan, with a confit of tomato, wine, and capers simmering in the background. Mmm.

Here's a welcoming dinner to remember.

We gather around the family table and hear about Forrest's job and Jonathon's biology lab the next day at Boise State University, involving dissected rats and identifying the innards.

After dinner, we learn to play bocce ball. This was fun, but you should know there were three teams and nobody picked Camille or me, so we comprised the third group. A little like fourth grade.

Jonathan measures. You toss out the white ball and then try to come close with your larger colored ball.

With semi-professionals in the family, who do you think took the tournament? (That'll teach 'em to leave us on the sidelines.)

The next day, I visited Marta in her studio, where she makes the most creative cards, sent far and wide. If you're really lucky, you get also get confetti.

We stay in our jammies enjoying coffee and fruit and catching up on old times...and the Idaho Statesman, which carries this story:

Camille, Art, and I cross the street to confer with her brother John, a retired petroleum engineer who has a restored Shelby Cobra in his garage that's polished to within an inch of its life. Art wants a refer to a good mechanic who can install the mechanical fuel pump.

Camille then ferries Art over to the mechanic and Art's pleased with the guy, so they leave the truck. This is the start of an endless stream of Camille driving us around on various errands--the hostess extraordinaire.

Tonight we're welcoming another old Chicago friend who now lives in Sedona but has a working stint in Boise--Stuart. Marta's made a fab salad.

Hi Stuart--after 20 years.

We enjoy a delectable grilled steak and Mediterranean potato salad, with a little red wine, outside in the clear cool Boise air, learning more about Stuart's life.

Camille's being VERY laid back about how long we're staying (!). The truck's in the shop and today we're taking a walk along the Boise River to lunch.

This is the river on which Camille had her near-death experience while tubing.
It's peaceful and relaxing.

With wildlife...

...and plenty of support for flying friends. Anyone know what kind of birdhouse this is?
Hey you two--get a room!

Through the bird sanctuary to a small neighborhood cluster of restaurants, shops, and services. Several miles down the river, dotted with fly fishermen, families, and boaters, we land at Locavore.

Does Camille know us or what? (Shrimp are probably not local.) All local Idaho farm food and another dry mid-70s day, perfect for sitting outside. Lunch was yummy.

Then to a candy store down the street. We have to walk home, remember...
 Kids in a candy store.

On the walk home, we run into Mr Mudd and Camille stops for a quick consult on her driveway (yeah--right. Wouldn't you consult with this guy on just about anything?)

Then a return trip to the mechanic, where the truck is retrieved in fine fiddle. It's family pizza dinner night, with Jonathon and Forrest abuzz about tomorrow's big game. 

They're in bed by 9:30 with a 3 am call to head out to the stadium to get positioned in the ESPN Game Day zone. Boise State vs Oregon State. It's big and it's tomorrow.

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