Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comments are Open

If you tried to leave a comment and were stymied, our tech support in Chicago (thanks Bruce) tells us he's flipped the big comments are now open. We love hearing from you...


  1. I've been enjoying your writing. The style is rounder, more inviting, than the kind of how-to stuff we do on GRG. Which btw, is fine, but I like this more. I'm guessing that the topic is more to my liking as well; I'm a little fried on gardening right now.

    The pictures are, as usual, superb!

  2. Gracias, Bruce. It's a little like being on deadline, since I have to write directly into blogger and need to be online to do that. Appreciate the good words...

  3. I love seeing how creative and resourceful you both are. What a simple and rich experience to travel in a camper to see the country and meet interesting people. Great pictures and love seeing the tasty meals!

  4. Thanks, Debbie. We're glad you're along for the ride.

  5. I'm enjoying your blog so much. The food photos are gorgeous. How neat that you brought along a bit of your garden on this trip.
    You had asked for my blog and contact info. My blog is "Journey to the Center". The posts about Writing-on-Stone are here and here. Nice place to visit if you happen to be passing through the southern part of Alberta. My email is bev[at]
    I'm just closing up my Nova Scotia place - I hope to be on the road heading west tomorrow. Not sure of my route through the west and southwest just yet, so I'm very interested in seeing where your wanderings take you!

  6. oh, heidi, I miss you....but the trip you are taking is incredibly beautiful, and the connection with old friends makes it just perfect, huh?
    All just terrific here. I haven't come down to earth yet, though...ha ha
    much love to you , dear friend.....carolina