Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hiking Jenny Lake: Sept 19

A fine start to the day in Jenny Lake Lodge dining room with a hiker's breakfast and lots of strong coffee. Our server asks me if I plan to caffeine-bounce to the top of the Tetons.

If pictures do the talking anywhere, it's the Tetons...majestic pure rock. And Jenny Lake is a gem on this perfect day. At the trailhead, a man is painting.

Each view up the trail seems more stunning than the last.

The path is rocky for about a mile and a half, frustrating hikers who would prefer to look up rather than down.

An eaglet calls for its breakfast.

Where's Pippi (see me walking the curve--click picture to enlarge)?

Halfway around Jenny Lake, a boat will ferry you across. We decide to do it. There are still 3 miles to hike back to the lodge once we land.

Tired but filled with the wild beauty after five miles, we hit the road south for 20 miles and take a spot at Gros Ventre Campground, still in Teton National Park (yellow marker shows our route).

For lunch
Apples with bleu cheese and a complimentary NYT.

Checking out the river--the sites aren't on it but they're close. Note in the background the controlled burn being done in the park. Happily, the wind is in our favor.

It's a good site, but reminds us how precious spots right on the water are, where you pull in all alone. This is a popular place for RVers who stay for months, unhook their cars, and see the sights.

Dinner tonight
Gary's gift of walleye, dredged in kefir and then cornmeal and fried (bad picture as we ate most of it before I remembered)...
...and rooftop green bean and tomato + mushroom salad with fresh (week-old) herbs.

In most parks, there are constant reminders to keep food scents to a minimum.

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  1. Hint: A 20 pound bag of dog food should not be left in a car overnight.
    The resulting damage is even worse when Bruno has had a mud bath prior to breaking the car's windows.
    Luckily it was my wife's car.