Friday, October 29, 2010

The End of the Road

How grateful we are to have experienced this trip. Money's one thing, time quite another. Knocking around parts of North America for six weeks is our idea of filthy rich.

Art put the rig mostly to bed for winter in Portland, with enormous help from longtime pal Andy and family. They visited several places that store RVs, and when they saw this one they knew it was right.

At left on the green pick-up is another (not-that-common)1960s-era Avion camper and in between a VW Westfalia, which Andy and Jolene explored Europe in for a year in the 70s when their children were toddlers. Art tells me they're looking to purchase another one, so he and Jolene can re-experience the fun closer to home.

Thanks so much, Andy, for all the assist.

And if you've been following our path, be assured we'll pick it up again one of these days. We loved having you along for the ride. In the interim, stop in at Green Roof Growers.


  1. Will you be carrying on your journey with thevAvion this autumn? I'm slowly wrapping up the work here at the old house in Nova Scotia. The dogs and I will be on the road sometime in early October. Sabrina, my older collie is still hanging in. Not sure of our route yet, but will probably do the usual north-over-Lake-Superior and across the prairies, then doem through Montana and the rest to arrive in Arizona. May even stay at Pukaskwa on the way. Take care. Bev

  2. Bev--how good to hear from you. It brings back memories of our meet at Pukaskwa, a magical place in memory and fact.