Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Ferry, Cross the San Juan Channel: Oct 19

I use our last avocado and some tomato and cream cheese to make us a sandwich for the ferry. You never know when the border types will confiscate your vegetables.

This morning's last job is to empty the travel SIPs. They're looking a little haggard since the sun dropped low in the sky and we had cloudier days. Still it was a fun experiment and we ate from them regularly. We'll bring home the empties to re-use this spring.

It's a beautiful morning, and we have time for a walk along the water, where the road is apparently being widened.

We arrive at the dock at 10:30 for a noon launch--and that's with a reservation. This nice Canadian looked at our passports and told us it was his birthday--happy 68!

Life at the ferry is hurry up and wait, after positioning the rig where they tell us. Looks like we'll be first on due to our height.

Taking a turn around the pen (once you're inside you can't leave while waiting), we find some blackberries and Art retrieves a tool only he would have for reaching through a chain link fence to get to the goods.

It's a long olive-grabber type tool, with a snaky stem.

Here I am using it to good advantage.

Our route today on the Washington State Ferry takes us from Sidney, on the south shore of Vancouver Island, through the US San Juan Islands and over to Anacortes, WA.

Time to drive on.

Good thing there's that little net or we'd be in the drink.

This would make a curious Halloween costume. It's a thermal protection suit for survivors of, what, a capsizing? APparently you put it on to retain heat. Not sure what the standing-up guy would be standing up on. Maybe it's for man overboard-type situations. It looks like a Snuggie (do people really wear these?).

The view from the ferry is endlessly engaging.

Islands in the sea, with boats lazily sailing.

This is Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island.

Soon we spy a craft keeping pace with us. Art thinks it's Coast Guard. And then we hear an announcement telling us not to worry--that being accompanied by the Coast Guard is a regular occurrence.

I cross to the other side of the ferry to use the loo and discover we have not one but two escorts. Double click and you'll see they're armed, with a guy on the back and his big old firearm on a pivot. Gosh I feel so much safer than when I was looking out the window at the dreamy islands. What is this--Columbia?

Heading into Anacortes. Double click to see the magnificent view of what I believe is Mount Baker.

Anacortes has some nice old structures... 

...but the one we're most interested in is a restaurant called Adrift, where we ate a couple years ago. Its sign says "Swell food for salty dogs."

Trash can out front.

Adrift uses locally sourced foods and beverages. Art's having a hard cider, and I an Asian pear wine from Windfall Winery in Washington State.

 The proprietor is a book lover and it's a cozy spot.

Permission to drool: a hot bubbly cheese starter with Dungeness crab.

Art chooses the shellfish linguine.

And I like the looks of the tacos, made with fresh halibut.

This hot sauce was made on Lopez Island in the San Juans. It was exceptional. 
Night night...

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