Monday, October 18, 2010

Toward Tahsis, Birthplace of British Columbia: Oct 12

Have you ever wanted to visit somewhere but not understood precisely why? That's the way I felt about
Here's more on its history. And here's one traveler's engaging account of his trip to Tahsis...
One can only imagine (no, I really can't) the historical moment in March 1778 when Captain James Cooke of the British Royal Navy set foot near Yuqot to encounter Chief Maquinna. This was the first European contact with the Mowachaht First Nations people who had been in this area for centuries, and this fateful day would change their existence forever.
More on the Nootka Convention.

We drive through a veil of moisture.

Until we reach Gold River and the end of the paved road.

Click for Tahsis's location, at the north end of the knifing Tahsis Inlet.

The road has many sharp drop-offs, a conversation about which you might hear in this video (are these playing?):

It's a wild ride, filled with extraordinary views.

Westview Marina is one of the few places open this late in the season, and it's absolutely pouring so we can't really get a feel for the margins of the town. We take an efficiency at the marina on their floating hotel. It has a nice outdoor balcony overlooking the inlet and offers wi-fi and laundry, two real draws for us.

Out for a walk, a local guy sees my raincoat and says: good idea. Keep it on.

The marina is busy during high season, taking people on adventures and fishing excursions. Art talks to the nice Kathy, who with her husband owns this place. They spend the winter on the Baja Peninsula.

Despite the variegated shades of grey, I continue snapping pix. Our rooms are just above this tugboat.

Checking in, we see a bumper sticker.

Our balcony offers a view down the inlet.

A toast to this perfectly quiet spot, with an occasional melodic break delivered by a loon.

As I write, there are enormous seals down there in the harbor, plashing, snuffling, and grunting when they surface to show their big big bodies. You'd think I could get a shot of them, but every time I stand up they go under. Here's a marginal pic of a seal head.

Late lunch lunch today: spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms and red onion dressed an olive oil-sherry vinegar-dijon.

Art plugs in our rig in the vast marina parking lot so everything stays charged up overnight. It's a good evening for reading.

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