Monday, October 7, 2013

Coals to Newcastle: Rocks for Wayne

One of our favorite traditions over the years has been bringing back rocks from our meanderings for Wayne’s Chicago courtyard. It's probably not legal in most places, and occasionally Art asks me to empty my pockets when they start dragging low to the ground.
Top left from Bennettville, the silver mining community outside Yosemite. That piece of white quartz might even have a fleck of silver in it. 

Others from Clark Canyon Reservoir, the site of Camp Fortunate, "a significant spot along the Lewis and Clark Trail.... It was at Camp Fortunate that the Lewis and Clark expedition met the Lemhi Shoshoni Tribe, and cached their canoes and a stash of supplies for the return trip. Sacagawea was reunited with her people here."

Also, this one from the Columbia River.

And more, if Amtrak will accept an extra 90 pounds for stowing on the train.

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