Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lewis and Clark Caverns Day 2

We awoke to a rain-free but chilly day. The season's first large storm had moved through, dropping 7 inches of snow at slightly higher elevations...but not that much higher.
 Sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon for breakfast.

Soup for lunch.
We sat around the fire all day.

In haste (it is Monday Sept 30 as I write and we're hitting the road this morning) I leave you with a little geology of the region, splendid in its absolute diversity.

Niman ranch ham (god this meat is good) with collards, tomato, and garlic for supper.


  1. Oh, I am sitting here feeling the Montana fresh air on my face and the cozy fire as I smell and eat my delicious Heidi-soup.. Oh, wait...I was dreaming! I am actually back in Chicago with the city scents. PK

  2. Love the geology lessons. I have almost a full college minor in geology. It is all so fascinating and you record the stories so well. By the way, I love beets.


    1. You two should be with us. Phyllita, I think Mexico might be more your temperature range. I wear lots of clothes and the fire is dreamy. Nancy, would love to know more about the geology of that area--remarkably diverse and magnificent.