Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Broken WIndhsield Wiper Leads to 90-Min Target DIversion

Some of you might recall our service-oriented Bozeman campsite. On Monday as we were packing to leave a storm blew in that was "like none I've seen in my 26 years here" according to a man I stood with inside the Holiday Inn, watching. Black fingery storm clouds reached down and touched Bozeman, quickly whirling up into a strange sky formation.

In short order, we loaded up and soon the rain was pounding. We drove maybe 100 yards and CLACK! the passenger side windshield wiper flew off. Happily we were still getting out of the giant mall area the hotel was in, so Art cruised up to Target and off we went in search of a replacement, which entailed walking back and forth between truck and store to ensure a good fit.

Meantime, the storm picked up steam and when next I saw Art he'd purchased an effective pair of rubber-footed boots at Target. Hmmm, nice buy, honey. I need a pair of those to go with my new Carhart wool hat and gloves, previously picked up on a cold day at a truck stop in southwestern Montana.

And that's how the fashion statement came to be.

You know you're camping when this feels like just the thing...
Jacket: DKNY Bozeman Goodwill (for some reason it reminds me of Agent Smith from Matrix)
Boots: Boys section at Target (girl boots seem always to trade fashion for dry)
Pashmina: gift from the wedding
Leather gloves: Birthday gift from my oldest pal in the world, Kathy McG. They're like butter and get better with every wearing. Kisses, Kathy, and thank you!


  1. Camping in pashmina and DKNY--- not bad. And accented with a red log carrier. Love the gloves and boots too. You look like a catalog model. envious cape lady

  2. Ha and thanks, Sev. I schlump along, warm and dry.