Sunday, September 29, 2013

You, My-Eye Brown-Eyed Girl: Laura and Tyler

How we danced to that tune last night, a perfectly brilliant wedding for Laura and Tyler, surrounded by love at Springhill Pavilion, a private open space at the base of Ross Peak in Bozeman Montana.

Before the ceremony, Art cozies up to the mother of the bride.

Groom Tyler 
made this elegant cupcake holder out of wood slices

Beautiful sister Sarah in bridesmaid's distinctive grey with a fall color accent.

Cozy touch: everyone was offered a Pashmina

We had to take a peek inside the bride's private space pre-nuptials and give a hug. Loving the jean jacket and white scarf look.

Handmade seating assignments were strung on old wood.

So many historic buildings on the site.
 Note barbed wire examples.
Handsome couple who may or may not have known each other. Sculptural old apple trees dotted the site.

The bride's cousin Katie.
Father of the bride Gary and sister Pam
(our dear childhood friends)

Hi Andy!

Grandma and grandpa of the bride Lois and Paul will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary next spring. Talk about role models (and the nicest people ever).

We are family.

Guests lingered outside near the fire post-ceremony before arriving here, a cozy wood-fire heated space.

leaf droppers led the procession

Wood was used to keep wedding programs from blowing away...and also later in the ceremony.

Leading the processional.

Laura and her parents

Groom Tyler and friends made the wooden canopy where vows were taken.

Rare air breathed into the ceremony. We each added a stick to the fire, a moving tribute to community.

Toward the end, we thought we had a Burning Man sitch developing...and we did actually, as the beautiful wooden canopy started to go up in flames.

Nice metaphor.
Soon some talented mountain climber/rescue squad guests (nicer kids you've never met) stepped in with a screen to quell the flames and save the structure, as the newlyweds made their way into the world.

Let the drinks and nibbles begin:
buffalo empanadas

Sarah gave a stunningly beautiful toast to her sister and Tyler.

Duck-ginger confit with sesame
in endive
The bride's grandma is escorted from photo session.

Peek inside the main event structure... guests mingle with a glass of wine.

There's a story here...having to do with The Chief being brought (kidnapped?) from his home in Ashford, WA, to stand with the groomsmen.

A little trampolining before dinner...why not?

Our extended family includes so many pictured in this post, and many others who couldn't be here.

Splendid table mates, from Western Springs, IL...
...and Hailey, Idaho.

Gary welcomes the crowd with a heartfelt presentation...

Dear friend Carol and her sisters.

It was a most extraordinary buffet, not pictured but utterly enjoyed.

And then the tables were moved, the band revved up, and we danced to some terrific music. Photos so rarely capture the energy of music and dance, so you'll trust me. This room was rockin.'
Blessings, L&T!


  1. What a beautiful, fun wedding! The very best to Laura & Tyler.
    cape lady

  2. Heidi, you've taken fabulous pics once again! xxx Kathy

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