Monday, September 16, 2013

The Most Likely Cafe

Early morning at Blue Lake Campground finds Art using one of Sev's cool lanterns to adjust the fan. We love these, Sev, and use them for everything from reading outside in the dark to lighting the path to the loo. Thank you!

You know you're camping when...
this is all you have in the larder
(eagle-eyed readers will spot the beets)

And yes, they're on the raw menu for snacktime in the truck today. Beets: people either love 'em or hate 'em.

Heading out of Blue Lake Campground on a beautiful Sunday morning. I promised Art I'd buy him breakfast if the cafe in Likely is open.  I'm crossing my fingers it is.

This is the type of cafe we dream about, says Art.
Hooray, it's open at 9 am Sunday morning. It's quiet and at any moment I expect Rod Serling to step out with a ciggie dangling from his fingers: this is no ordinary cafe. Cue the music.

There's a smattering of locals joining us. How could a town of 99 people support this place? Our waitress tells us it's been here for 60 years. Her mother's cooking in back.

The Most Likely Cafe has provocative arrangements of things scattered about.
And cozy tables for two near the window.

But the proof's in the eggs over easy, bacon/ham, hashbrowns and burnt rye for me...
 ...and biscuits and gravy plus homemade sausage for Art.

Whatta meal! Next door is a saloon and yes I believe it's operational.

This fake door is adjacent to the saloon entrance.

Happily full, we hit the road to Oregon.


  1. Now that's a breakfast and you're welcome indeed.

    cape lady

  2. I love this café. Wish I was there. I am catching up on the blog and the experiences you are having. I can smell the bacon!