Monday, September 2, 2013

More Southwest Chief

You might think a 25-pound cooler, stowed accessibly on the lower level of our train car, would hold enough food, but you'd be wrong. Overflow veg and fruits await afternoon snack time in my pack.

Art has his computer GPS receiver stuck to the window (second shot below) so he can track our progress (just below) on his computer.

Maria cleans the step-down handles on a brief stop while I'm just lazy.

I'm reading The Silent Wife, by the late ASA Harrison. The publisher hails it as "better than Gone Girl" and it has some fine blurbs from two of our favorite authors, though I'm not yet convinced. Enjoying it, though.


  1. Happy to see you guys and read these updates! Looks like fun already (you may even have convinced me to do this Amtrak thing...) Continue to have fun!!

    Heather (posting as anonymous because I don't have any of those fancy profiles...)

  2. Hi,

    I am loving following the two of you on your trip - great travel log! Also, decided to read The Silent Wife along with you. Well written and, just the sort of book I am in the mood to read.


  3. Heidi, I've added your book recommendation to the top of my reading list. What happened to the author?? Once again, I am enjoying reading your postings. xxx Kathy

  4. I'm with you in Spirit!!..and jealous of all the reading and contemplation time you two have ;-)

  5. Plenty of room for that lying in the sun on a bed of pine needles. With u were here!