Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pendleton, Oregon

We did some driving today, starting out under clear skies and ending in a deluge, uncommon for Pendleton, Oregon, where we're holing up in a motel tonight because a rainy day in camp is fine, but setting up in a downpour is just not.

Much of the day we drove through thick forests on smaller roads. A buck crossed out suddenly at one point in front of the truck and Art braked nicely. We saw guys in cammo everywhere, hunting season apparently in full swing.

 My least favorite sign
Just as we were approaching a campsite we'd IDd, the rain let loose and we shifted the plan, driving about 20 more miles into Pendleton.

A barbershop on our walk through town, home to the Pendleton woolen mills.

This antiques shop was provocative. Cowboy stuff abounds here. We just missed the Round-Up, a rodeo event lasting a week and bringing thousands to town.
The displays were endless, the items pure west.
With a little luck, we'll leave Oregon tomorrow, traverse the stovepipe of Idaho, and enter Montana.

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