Thursday, September 19, 2013

From Oregon to Washinton to Idaho

We covered three states yesterday in just a few hours, leaving Pendleton OR and swiftly entering southern Washington at Walla Walla before heading east on 12, the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Eventually we came to the tiny burg of Pomeroy, WA, where facilities were needed. We noticed a lovely public space, avec toilets.
Apparently townsfolk had chipped in to create Pioneer Plaza by sponsoring bricks in the walkway. Some real history here...
...along with subtle humor.

Taped to a shop window, a young artist's county fair rendition of pioneer days vs modern ways (wondering about the gown, make-up, and pocket puppy).

We enter Idaho at Lewiston, heading southeast for Winchester Lake State Park.

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A light rain follows us in, so Art tarps up our wood and kayak-in-a-bag.

Dinner this afternoon while the rain passes: sauteed mushrooms with spinach, garlic, and onions plus tomato bleu cheese dressing, with leftover grassfed beef.

Good night for a fire.

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