Monday, September 2, 2013

Amtrak Lodging

For a long train trip, reserving one of the big bedrooms is half the fun. It's a good size with a private toilet (and shower, if you choose to use it). And there's a car attendant who takes care of your every need, from making fresh coffee in the morning to dropping by with chocolate kisses.

Here's our friendly and capable car attendant Maria, helping with a new passenger's baggage this morning.
She's taken good care of us, even as we make odd pictures with the room-enlarging funhouse mirror.

Before dinner last night, Art waves a rum-filled flask. I think he's ready for a cocktail.

Much later, Maria positions the beds for sleeping (above, Art's sitting in the corner of the bed below when it's in seat form).

Sign near our car's coffeemaker.

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