Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Daily Bread: Bakery and Books

I am such a romantic. Seeing the sign on the tiny painted house I thought to myself: how true! Books feed the soul and bakery—well, for me it’s an occasional true indulgence. The real message of this sign never occurred.
I imagine Carolina’s tiny biblioteque in Mexico, where you can coze into a chair with a vast array of book choices. Plus the bakery in this case. Art turns the truck around so we can go back and investigate.
The bakery portion of this establishment was solid, I’ll give her that: mile-high cream cheese frosting on carrot cake, the breads and cookies. 

The book portion? Not so much.
I’m peering at the scant choices on the shelves when she comes in to say: I’ve chosen most of these from my missionary books.

As Art pays for copious amounts of sugar to go, I’m tempted to ask her if she really thinks evolution is not true.
But instead I return to the truck with a pillow-light yeast dough sticky bun.

She got that right, anyway.