Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Day in the Wilderness Gateway US Forest Campground, ID

Waking up next to the rushing Lochsa River, I shake my head a little. What's that sound that's been rocking my dreams all night? We're parked in a site on the cusp of the river we traveled alongside yesterday. Just a quick scurry down a slope...
...leads to this

After coffee and fruit, time for a long hike.
There's horse camping here too--who knew? With water troughs and feeding stations for the ponies.

 Can't ever drink in enough of this view.

See the fly fishermen?
I'll never make it across rock-hopping.
But I am happy.

Time for lunch...
 ...just add pork products

Water-walking insects skate on the river's surface.

Snack time already? This calls for popcorn, maps, and a (so-so) book.
I think you know what happens next...

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