Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Music of the Train

Sunday night's sleep was intermittent as the train swayed, jerked, and grooved on the track west of Kansas City. The sounds are a peculiar form of train jazz: syncopated and free form with the loneseome scream of the locomotive horn standing in for trumpet.

Monday morning and all day, the world slips past in pictures...

Art calls this Amtrak blood pressure. Nice pulse too.

Beautiful Trinidad, CO
(sex change capital of the US)

Storefront in Raton, NM

Utterly different flora unfolds

Meanwhile, inside our bedroom car: bathroom/shower combo

The tiny Lamy, NM, station, 
where passengers disembark for nearby Santa Fe and environs.

Pulling out of Lamy...


  1. this is only a test. Had it been an actual emergency...

  2. Somehow this doesn't look like where they make the pens.

    Snappy blood pressure monitor!

    -Jason S.

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