Tuesday, September 24, 2013

R2F: Ready To FIsh

I've been complaining about not having a fishing pole for too long. All these rivers running through it, every last one of those gorgeous streams. So in Hamilton, MT, just south of Missoula, on a KMart stop to get a new soft-sided cooler, I did it.

A crisp $20 bill gets you a complete kit--rubbery grubs, lures, and a tiny stringer. They had kits for trout, panfish, and the fish variety. I chose the latter to cover my bases.

Hey I feel like I'm 9 again. And, speaking editorially, I'm pretty sure "specie" is not a word.


  1. Go get 'em.

    cape lady

  2. atta girl, fisherwoma
    ..you look so cute with your pole! xxxooo carole

  3. Let us know what you catch! So cool.
    xxx Kathy