Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Morning, San Bernardino National Forest

Breathe deeply the crisp pine-scented air. Good morning from the forest at 7000 feet.

We're being booted from our campsite today--they're all reserved for the weekend. So we'll mosey down the road a few miles to Hana Flats, another national forest campground where they have a dozen or so first-come first-served sites. We'll also look into new batteries for the camper so we can get away from crowded plug-in sites.

Last night, the campers next to us threw horseshoes while we checked our options online.

 You know you're camping when:
this foot attire seems stylish
(also, check the size of that pinecone!)

Until next time...


  1. Yes, I can smell the fresh air. So beautiful in the mountains. Love the shoes. I hope this comment gets through to you.


  2. OH, I so enjoy your entries AND sure to add what STATE you are in U.S. geography isn't as good as my World geography ha ha.....sure miss you on the board Heidi......looks like a grand trip......xxxxoooo carole

  3. Ahh! The clink-clanging of a neighbor's horse shoe game played on into the wee hours--I know it well.

    Great pine cone, although the gray/gray plaid/pink footwear accented with coral colored-yellow striped socks is pretty nifty too.

    Love that you're going to "mosey down the road" to another camp. To mosey anywhere is an under-appreciated luxury. Happy trails from cape lady.

  4. I can indeed smell the mountain air - thanks for the window. Once again, I love traveling vicariously with you and Art. Phyllis

  5. Love the pic of your shoes with that pine cone! Hugs to you and Art. Daisy and Terry send their love!

  6. Got it, big pinecone - nice - and good for you, bring fashion to the woods!
    Love, Gwen