Monday, May 11, 2015

Eel-Free Zone: A Return To Jester House Cafe

If I'd known how stirred up y'all would get over those eels, I'd try for an eel post every week. With a place as good as Jester House Cafe, you have to go again, and we did last week. I have news on the eel front, but be assured no more pictures.

At breakfast in the dining room, fire gently smoldering and flat whites awaiting, we learned that the raw chicken-batting cat is 17 years old.

His name is Egypt and he was having a nice kitty nap in one of the booths.

It's remarkable how much more one sees on a second visit.

Eels and ladders tabletop?

Oh. Did I already show you the pastry cabinet?

 That jester on a stick creeps me out almost as much as the eels. Paging Rod Serling...

Art had smoked salmon eggs benedict.

And I'm not embarrassed to say I had the Jester hashbrown ranch hand special. Well, maybe a little embarrassed.

Amazing eel facts (no photos)


Here's the news: the eel enclosure is closed so our friends can hibernate. If we hadn't visited earlier, we might have missed the whole experience. 

Egypt seems to know 
he'll need to find his freebies elsewhere

This one was 5 feet, 6 inches

1000 words...

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