Friday, August 14, 2015

Akaroans, Then and Now

T'was a blustery day Friday in Akaroa, but we had a fine walk investigating cemeteries and meeting  townspeople during this very quiet time of year. Started the day with some fresh gurnard from the wharf.

In 1842 artist Charles Meryon sailed to New Zealand on a French naval ship sent to protect the French settlement at Akaroa. He spent four years in the Pacific, making sketches. This statue in Rue Lavaud, Akaroa, gives the incorrect impression that he was a painter. In fact he was an etcher.


  Someone's house, high in the hills near the old French cemetery.

It was an ideal day for Akaroa Cemetery walking, the gathering clouds creating plenty of atmosphere.

We wondered if the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011 had been the cause of the many damaged headstones.

Friends, this is an actual headstone.

I preferred this one.

We also went to the old French cemetery, informative if not as inspiring.

Be sure to read about the weeping willows.

We earn our flat whites (if not the pastries) with the steep slope walking here.

Happy butcher

These two came from Scotland 25 years ago, when he was with Xerox. They lived on the North Island until she saw this shop for sale on the internet...and bought it. Now they run it, happy people. Nice shop, too, with some locally grown organic veggies, spices, and other good foods.

Tracy runs Akaroa Rental Homes. We stopped in to chat.

Here's an honor system nursery.

And creativity writ large on the red wall of someone's home.

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