Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kaiteriteri--Sunniest Spot In NZ?

Craving the light just as we do in Chicago come late winter/early spring, Kaiteriteri is the place to be. It's said to be the sunniest spot in the country, or at least in the sunniest area, Tasman. Sunday was farmer market day back in Motueka, so we scooted up and down and over the hills late morning for provisions.

Organic bok choy and Chinese broccoli, meals in a bag.

Art and this guy got into a deep discussion about something in a box of bits.

When we passed through Motueka in May, we stumbled on this same market. Today approaching the display cabinet of The Cheese Lady, Art and I both remembered her. How could you not? She's just lovely. Listen...(trouble viewing click here).

I stopped the video just before she asked where we were from. When we said Chicago she said (in her inimitable voice) "Chicago! Home of the blues--but I adore the blues!" (The Cheese Lady also recommended a beach campsite on Golden Bay, where she grew up and where we're heading next.)

Organic avocados, hard as rocks. They'll ripen on the counter, right? I asked the man selling them. The birds think they're already ripe, said he.

Back in Kaiteriteri, a pair of Datsun 1600s on the beach. Nice day for a ride with the top down.

Or pretty much anything.

We walked over to the secret beach we'd discovered last time (as guided by a blind woman--that still amuses me) to find it unchanged.


Outside cooker on a campervan here

Sitting in the sun is good for the soul. A gin lemon fizz only adds to the party. Cheers!

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