Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Road Trip! Driving To Golden Bay

Cadging from Fodor's: The road into Golden Bay over the Takaka Hill rises 2500 feet before plunging again to sea level to the tiny township of Takaka. The road is a continuous 40-minute climb of twisting corners, steep drop-offs, and occasional passing lanes. Don't be tempted to check the views while you're driving.

Spot on, Fodors.

Here's the map (click here if trouble viewing). Note it's the only road, bisecting Abel Tasman National Park to the east and Kahurangi National Park to the west.

A mere 39 miles, and yet a solid hour and 15 minutes to cover the intestinal road, much of it with no edge and only the merest hint of a fence to keep livestock from straying onto the road.

The vast terrain is hard to grasp.

The road goes on and on. 

 Sea level feels good. We arrive at Pohara, where there's a long and lovely view across Golden Bay.

Today's field trip was a kind of trial run to see if we wanted to ferry the caravan up and over this challenging road (of course Art wants to) several days from now. Plus we stopped at the grocery in Takaka for provisions. And found an organic community garden, where I picked kale and herbs for tomorrow's breakfast.

We had a little lunch and returned. The road didn't seem that much easier, but it was a beautiful day.


  1. Trying again. Hi H2 & AD! I'm lunching w Phyllis, Suellen, and Nancy and heard about your adventure. HELLO!!! So exciting. Now I can reconnect.

  2. How wonderful to hear from you, Barb! Let's reconnect in person in Chi...xx