Sunday, August 30, 2015

On Golden Bay

Yesterday's pounding rain ushered in a sun-drenched morning. Way past time for a beach walk. In the first part of the pan in the distance you can see Farewell Spit, northernmost point on NZ's South Island (trouble viewing click here).

This is the Tukurua Beach our campground borders, and while mostly sandy the tide brings in rocks, a few shells, driftwood, and giant trees. High tide.

 Our old friend the oystercatcher, handsome as ever in basic black with orange accents.

Blooming beach plant, a succulent I'd guess.


 The tide receded hugely during our walk, and the beach was three times this size by late afternoon.

View from the caravan window, sans rain

After a little conversation with the woman who runs the camp, we hit the road for Collingwood (population 235), about halfway up the Golden Bay arc and at one time considered for the county's capital.
"Farewell spit" by primarily: en:wikipedia; secondary NASA WorldWind. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Golden Bay abounds with artists--potters, painters, fish plate makers.

Here's The Courthouse Cafe, formerly the Collingwood Courthouse, built 100+ years ago. Gold was discovered nearby in the 1850s, and Collingwood turned into a thriving port town.

 I liked the private dining room.

This picnic table is big enough for everyone--where are you all?

The Queen of Flat Whites is feeling a bit peckish.

Rising in the distance, Kahurangi National Park, home to the Heaphy Track, one of NZ's Great Walks.

We visited Collingwood's tiny museum and were immediately thrust into the past. This book title says it all.

We decided to try to find a house Art saw listed for sale. The drive took us through some gorgeous country.

After locating the place north of Collingwood near Pakawau, we drove to a beach access nearby. And found an entirely different beach, as though the 15k from our campsite beach were 150k. This one was encrusted with small shells and elegant sea creatures.

Scallop shell

Not hard to find from the beach--there's a sign here too. Someone's home. Should we approach or shouldn't we? Five minutes of conversation and we decided why not. "We sold it yesterday," the woman of the house told us happily.
 The beach looking south.

Back at our place, cocktail time. I'm happier than I look.

Full moon in Pisces tonight


  1. The moon was gorgeous last night! After a bit of rain here, the sky was clear enough to really see it. I'm glad we are at least looking at some of the same beauty! HRM

  2. It rose out of the water here like another planet--oh wait!

  3. I wish we were still there to sit at the picnic table with you!