Friday, March 10, 2017

Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland

The rain quieted this morning and we had a nice walk to Western Springs, a large Auckland park that's home to the city zoo, a stadium, and MOTAT.

Here's a beautiful skill I tried to learn today--weaving with flax--taught by friendly (and patient!) Waimarie McFarland at MOTAT. Waimarie visits from the Mangere Mountain Education Center.
History of NZ flax: For hundreds of years before the arrival of European settlers, Māori — the indigenous people of New Zealand — utilised native New Zealand flax as a raw material for clothing, food gathering, hunting, fishing, homeware and medicine. 

Pause, while I start over...

Waimarie was the loveliest teacher. This is supposed to look like a fish, and if I work on feathering out the gills a bit, it still could.

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