Wednesday, July 5, 2017

To Lake Waihola (via Balclutha)

We're back on the road today, heading for Baclutha and the New World grocery there. Our larder is virtually empty (two eggs between us for breakfast is OK, but a little sad) and so is our gas tank. This is good bacon.

It's a beautiful day, especially once the sun finds its way up.

With some regret, we're leaving the true Catlins and heading northeast toward Dunedin (click here to view if reading in email).

Lake Waihola, where we're camping

There's a cafe and bar just a few blocks away with a wood fire burning warmly. We took a stroll along the lake and turned our sights here.

Over flat whites, we plot our next moves. On Saturday morning we'll head for a campground in Dunedin and on Sunday take this train trip. Followed by more city sights, including Larnach Castle, the world's only mainland albatross colony, and whatever else we can get up to in the city that on our last trip eluded us due to never-ending downpours. Cheers, campers...

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