Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mountains Emerge On Ten-Mile Lake Wanaka Walk

It didn't look that far on the map, the seductive walking path leading out of our campground and hugging the lake all the way into town. But fitbit confirms it (as Art's leg screams).

Steak, greens, sweet potatoes, and fruit for breakfast

At least we were well fed. Our rig is parked in a nice little copse that protects it from winds roaring down the lake.

Yesterday was foggy and rainy. And today. (What if we'd left before we knew?)

This is the walking path. It feels like we're on a different planet. Also of note:
As one of the few lakes in the South Island with an unmodified shoreline, the lake is protected by special legislation, namely the Lake Wanaka Preservation Act of 1973. This established a 'Guardians of Lake Wanaka' group, whose members are appointed by the Minister of Conservation, and advise on measures to protect the lake.[6]

On and on and into town, a happy harbor anchoring the business district.

Could you live on a houseboat 
nestled into the crook of NZ's Southern Alps?

Wanaka town is bustling.

Art suggests a flat white at a place we saw yesterday. It's a plan.

This is called cabinet food, 
and it's usually offered all day
Baristas hard at work.

With good results. The flat whites seem to have gotten stronger as we move south, a bit more bite from the espresso. Good. We'll appreciate the caffeine walking back.

On the return, intriguing cloud formations.

NZ seems to be a country designed for exploring and is well-equipped for walkers. No fewer than four perfectly clean toilet stations dotted our return trip. Much obliged.

I met a German woman on the North Island who'd been touring around for six weeks. How was it, I asked, excitedly. At first it's beautiful, she said, but then you sort of get used to it.



  1. These pictures look like postcards of a fairy land! I can't believe you are actually seeing this! HRM

  2. And that's precisely how it feels, H.