Monday, June 1, 2015

NZ Campervans

This picture we posted yesterday drew quite the response. I actually didn't know about Wicked Campers--I thought this woman had painted on the provocative idea herself.

But it turns out Wicked, an Australian campervan rental company, has been riling up the standards people for a while. Via the NZ Herald...
Rental company Wicked Campers has again fallen foul of the (Advertising Standards Authority) with offensive slogans painted on its vans.
The Authority upheld three complaints against the company, and again criticised its failure to offer any response to these and numerous previous complaints.
One can only imagine how this company might respond if it ever did. Obnoxious.

There must be dozens of campervan rental places in NZ because these things are ubiquitous (click here for a constellation of choices). They come in all shapes and sizes and they're an excellent way to tour the country with your sleeping/eating quarters tucked right in. Plug in at a holiday park and you're powered up for lights, fridge, and heat, bed and toilet too.

These green and purple Jucy campervans look like a pox on the enviro. They come in all shapes and sizes, replete with their annoying misspelling and Marilyn Monroe-type logo. And it seems they've now entered the US market, more's the pity.

Campervans are an ideal choice for a limited NZ holiday. Given our length of stay, buying a car and renting a detachable caravan was a better (and far less expensive) move. Speaking of caravans, you don't see many on the road this time of year, possibly because NZ caravans aren't insulated and are used mainly during the summer months.

And NZ campgrounds! We are spoiled for life after spending time in NZ holiday parks/campgrounds. From top-tier places to the humblest, virtually all offer large communal kitchens (with ranges, toasters, fridges, and freezers), showers, laundry, and toilets. Every one we've encountered has been exceptionally clean and well-tended, and for this reason we aren't using our own on-board toilet.

One more from Wicked. Sad to see the fleet doesn't match the quality of the van at top.