Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Bay House Chowder Day

Good morning! How about for breakfast a raw veggie salad with bleu cheese dressing and bacon? All your food groups and a viable alternative to the lamb chops Art was going to grill. Rain delay on that idea.

Between thunderous downpours we took a walk on Carters Beach, the only sheltered sandy beach on the West Coast suitable for swimming.

It looks like sea level rise might be chewing into the shore. Right about here the downpour resumed and we agreed it was time for a field trip to Bay House for a nice fish chowder.

Bay House is a tiny cafe situated toward the end of the Cape Foulwind walk, also on rain delay until tomorrow.

View from Bay House's outdoor deck. 

Shorter winter hours and fewer patrons mean we're the only diners, but the gracious staff is happy to serve up two bowls of steaming chowder. We relished it two years ago and it remains the best I've spooned up. With a view to match.

As we ate, the rain continued and the roiling surf crashed to shore in enormous long breakers. A beautiful day in NZ.

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  1. Always hard to pick a favorite among so many great shots but the log photo is bliss.