Thursday, April 25, 2019

Don't Block The View: Rawene Remote-Controlled Caravan Positioning

We drove just 15 km down the road today to stay in this sweet little campground in Rawene. When we pulled in to our chosen spot, the view took my breath away.

To have that view from our table inside, we need to turn the camper around. Often we can just pull in and unhook, but clearly that won't work with all the water below. So Art got out the remote controller that came with this updated camper and here's what happened.
(Click here if you can't view vid.)
It's magic

Campgrounds can be as different as night and day. Someone's put a lot of thought into this one. Check out the eating/sipping area where you can take in the view.

There's also a little swimming pool.

There's Art over at the grill, which means steak and vegetables for first meal. Happy day, campers...

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  1. Remote control is amazing. Postcard view for you...beautiful!