Monday, August 17, 2020

Covid Cafe: Cast Your Vote in the BLT Poll

Chefs, if you're not eating BLTs regularly during this summer tomato onslaught, why not? There's something magical about the flavorful acidic juices of a fresh tomato marrying with the salty goodness of bacon. The rest is window dressing. Uh oh. Am I going to get in trouble for saying that?

 Black krim, 
sliced for a BLT before this poll

Chris returns today with a new poll question. You'll recall his last one had to do with eating corn on the cob. Apparently there's dissension at his table once again...
Chris asks: Thick or thin tomato slice on your BLT?  Lisa and Trev like thin, I like it as thick as I can get my mouth around. Tomato below is an heirloom Virginia Sweet (click here for more). 

That's a nice slice, Chris

It's worth mentioning that Chris is mayo-averse, which is a whole separate discussion. I have to give more thought to thick vs thin. If thin, then only because I can line both pieces of bread w slices, which might exceed Chris's one slice of thick. See my dilemma?

Do you have thoughts? Leave them in comments or send directly to me. Also please send a photo of your BLT...

Here's my last BLT,
a medium tomato slice on each piece of bread before assembly
Jon's BLT looks like it has a side-by-side 
two-tomato-slice approach, but are they thin or medium?

Rob's BLT
 seems to incorporate one thin-to-medium tomato slice

I've been known to build mine
 three tomato slices high
(you'd almost think Chris and I were related) 

 Dustin's BLT at left
 features a hefty tomato slice

Need a palate cleanser? Here's a pup Rob's tending today at Chicago Anti-Cruelty.

His name is Steve Madden