Monday, August 3, 2020

Covid Cafe: Monday Monday

(Thanks, Wayne)

Good day to you, chefs. Blogger has changed the rules for how I put up a post and I'm struggling to learn. If anything looks hinky you'll know why.

More important, we made a Sunday roast chicken and sauteed a vegetable curry (broccolini, green onion, red pepper) that welcomed a dousing of coconut milk and then cooked down to sweetness. I remembered the Mother Africa Peanut Sauce in the fridge and we spooned it on too.

Have you been spending time outside? Camille in Boise has, and she sent us three pictures of her glorious backyard space.

Camille writes: Some of us grow gardens that sustain our physical health via vegetables and fruits. Some of us grow gardens that sustain our emotional health through the tranquility of flowers and plants.  The ideal would be to do both.

JAMA Poetry and Medicine

Even though our 500 ft2 apt is a petri dish
Even though the bathroom pretends to be an office
Even though the TP clock is ticking
Even though even a good song may grow old
Even though I have eaten all the almond butter
Even though you won’t wear headphones
Even though we can’t help but be together
Even though I can only take you out to take-out
Even though florists are nonessential
Even though a kiss carries more than we know
Even with this
Still will I wish:
Won’t you be mine,
My quarantine.


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