Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Covid Cafe: Fresh, Crisp, and Delicious


Short post today, chefs, as we continue to wonder why Blogger is radically changing its interface (or maybe I just need to be more nimble). Today we're happy to welcome Marc back to the cafe. His first harvest in a new backyard patch went from cuke to pickle in record time...

Marc writes: Due to the massive energy shifts in our worlds, both internal and external, time seemed to take on (or perhaps lose) a value we previously took for granted. A wordy way of saying we got started a tad late on the garden.

These were the first pickling cucumbers to ripen. Tia Heidi recommended this super-simple fridge pickling recipe and it delivered as promised. I simply scaled the recipe down to use 1/8 cup vinegar and a bit less than a teaspoon of salt with a bunch of cut garlic.  

My tasting partner suggested that it was potentially "a bit too much garlic" (a phrase I steadfastly assert is incompatible in principle, though they did have quite the bite). 

They were indeed ready to eat after an hour and only got better later in the day.  So fresh, so crisp, so delicious. 

At the 24-hour mark they were gone but I took a healthy swig of the remaining vinegar and garlic brine for another invigorating boost to the soul.  Can't wait to repeat when the next batch of cukes is ready and maybe experiment with some different spices too.

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