Thursday, August 20, 2020

Covid Cafe: Hands Off My BLT

Chefs of Covid Cafe: It's a beautiful summer day and apparently we all love our BLTs...prepared just so. Chris asked for a poll to determine whether people liked thick or thin tomato slices and we heard about that and much more. Toast vs non-toast, mayo substitutes, and precise assembly instructions...

Art's BLT in process
(NB: he likes wiggly bacon)


Camille belatedly tells us she’s a member of the small group who eats corn in a circular fashion. She adds: I like mayo (only for this sandwich) on both sides of the bread with lettuce on each and a thinner slice of tomato on each and then the bacon goes in the middle. 

Kay: Half-inch tomatoes that overlap a bit. No mayo (I’m with Chris on this), so sometimes I use butter or pesto, hummus or avocado to add some smoothness. 
(Ed note: There will be no BLT-shaming, but we're going to have to discuss the hummus, honey.

 Art's BLT, fini

Rob says: It’s not thick or thin--it’s coverage. Each bite should have tomato. And the tomato should be lightly salted to release maximum juice. We can’t neglect the lettuce issue. I am firmly on board with leaf lettuce, romaine is too stiff.  A mayo-free BLT? Heresy. (Ed note: how about that hummus?)

Nancy: I like several slices of thin tomato on toast with bacon (of course), lettuce, and definitely mayo. BLT with sweet corn was a must-have meal when I was growing up. We had a "corn man" who drove a rickety old truck into our neighborhood loaded with fresh-picked sweet corn. Back then a dozen ears was 50 cents. I think the corn man had a crush on my mother. I have looked but cannot find sweet corn as good as the old man's.

Jon: I’m a medium-slice person but always two slices. Also, lightly salted to bring out the tomato flavor.

If your belly (unlike mine) doesn't reject most breads, consider yourself lucky. I sense I could get into some trouble for posting this, but here's my solution: BLT with mayo schmear rolled up in chard leaves. They're delicious.

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