Thursday, April 23, 2020

Covid Cafe: Inspired Food From All Over

What a delight to check my inbox and see the results of your clever efforts, chefs. Let's get right to it...

Gwen wonders "Who says I'm not open to change?" I have always made spanakopita in a rectangular pan or individual triangles. I love my 16” paella pan and, at some point, have used it to cook just about every dish I make. But never spanakopita. No matter the pan shape, the heavenly aroma of butter, olive oil, feta, dill, spinach, scallions, and filo still fill the house!


(Be still my heart I can almost taste it...) 
Kay sent bacon masks

Phyllis checked in with some fun news: Due to a fabulous promo offer, we are getting a month’s worth of Blue Apron deliveries to get us through Covid time for now.  Happy to report that the food has been delicious! No planning. No shopping. No measuring or sorting. Just cooking (for about an hour plus) and then a good meal.  Here's one of my favorites so far.  

Curried Chicken, Poblano, and Figs

(But don't you miss all that chopping...?)

 David's shoes

Rob's simmering a pot of red beans. I wonder what he'll do with them.

Oh, Kay!
Via Wayne, Kay Pruitt's love of posting DIY videos exceeds her actual skill in this comedic tutorial gone wrong.

Green Bee-Eater
More precious than all
the gems of  Jaipur—

the green bee-eater.

If  you see one singing

with his space-black bill
and rufous cap,

his robes
all shades of emerald

like treetops glimpsed
from a plane,

his blue cheeks,
black eye-mask

and the delicate tail streamer
like a plume of smoke—

you might dream
of the forests

that once clothed
our flying planet.

And perhaps his singing
is a spell

to call our forests back—

     by tree
              by tree.

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