Thursday, April 9, 2020

Covid Cafe: L'chaim (To Life)!

Good day, chefs of Covid Cafe. Our internet connection has been down and up...and down this morning so we're offering a single photo today, of the Passover dish charoset, from JAZ, our Arizona friend. She wrote yesterday...

Tonight begins Passover. We are busy in the kitchen making the traditional foods, like charoset (comes from the Hebrew "heres" which means clay or mortar). Most folks know the story of the Israelites in slavery to the pharaoh and the plagues and "Let my people go."
An interpretation of this story is that the Seder (the ritual meal) teaches us how to organize. 

Charoset recipe
8 medium Gala or similar apples
10 oz walnut halves
Cinnamon to taste
Red wine (traditional is sweet Manischewitz red but we like a cabernet sav)

In a food processor, chop the walnuts and put aside. Then chop the apples and add the two together. Add wine to make a mortar-like consistency. Add cinnamon to taste. 

Cover tightly and refrigerate until use. Can stay in frig for a week.

Enjoy and say l'chaim (to life) when you drink wine.
Happy Passover!

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