Monday, April 13, 2020

Covid Cafe: Monday in the Kitchen with Leftover Empanada Dough

Good Monday, chefs of Covid Cafe. We know it seems like we deserve a break, but we're standing firm and only going to the grocery. At least we have the kitchen and everything coming out of it to keep us happy. Today Trevor returns with his Leftover Empanada Dough Quiche, something he threw together the morning after making empanadas.

Egg salad bowls

Trev says: It's the leftover dough with sauteed potatoes, onion, corn, spinach, cumin, Mexican oregano, and Chihuahua cheese. Four farm eggs and a splash of milk. Whole thing went in at once, 425F for 10 min and then down to 375 for 20ish minutes. (Impressive, Trevor. I'll take a giant slice please.)

We mentioned to Cousin David that we were planting a vegetable garden and he wrote to say he'd seen this and didn't think even NJ was that draconian: According to Executive Order 2020-42 and the Governor of Michigan it is a misdemeanor to buy gardening supplies. No seeds, no plants. The window to plant a garden is closed. The store must cordon the garden supplies off or remove them completely. 

We'd heard about a local Lowe's being forced to close its garden center when too many people crammed into it, but I had no idea this was a statewide mandate. I'm always ordering seeds to start early and this year I had growing medium delivered too. Not ideal, but a big thank you to all those who deliver by truck.


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