Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mt Ruapehu

Ruapehu rises in the night sky over the mountain village of Ohakune

Greetings from Ohakune, at the southern end of Tongariro National Park. That's not my photo above, but it's a good one, showcasing the scale of the largest active volcano in NZ. Mt Ruapehu's three peaks offer two ski fields and the surrounding area is a dream for mountain bikers and walkers.

This pic is ours. For flatlanders,
it's a surprise to look up from a morning stroll and see this


Of course we stopped at the grocery here. These were seductive but I passed.

We left the northern part of Tongariro yesterday and drove an hour south to Ohakune, to be closer to Ruapehu and its massive presence.

Only a USian would mis-interpret that second pictogram as an automatic weapon. Or possibly only me.

Today we hiked the Mangawhero Forest Walk. We always feel better in the trees.

Captain Cook made beer

 On the walk back to our lodging, we stopped at Frank's Eatery and Bar.

Looks like a sweet spot for breakfast or lunch. Art caught a glimpse of the eggs bennie and that might prompt a return for first meal tomorrow.

This flat white especially for Kathy, 
who wondered if we were still smitten (absolutely yes)

Back home for some laundry, a little sun sitting, and a supper of smoked fish with rice and all these bits. Tomorrow more Ruapehu...


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